Every Tuesday (well, almost every Tuesday) I will repost 5 interesting articles that I found in the previous week. Enjoy.

How a French Atheist Became a Theologian: As we finish off our Questioning Christianity series, it is interesting to hear stories like this of how God draws people to Himself.

Atheism Helps My Faith: Speaking of Atheism, here are some reflections from a Church planter in Vancouver on how discussions with atheist friends helps sharpen his faith.

Rocky Mountain Nights: Grouse and Cypress are open and many of you are thinking mountains. This is a great time-lapse shot of some of the most beautiful mountain views of the Rockies (no skiing though)

The Bible is a Book Like Any Other: In our L.E.A.D. class on Sunday we looked at our understanding of the Bible. One thing I forgot to mention, the Bible is a book like any other that we learned to read in High School English class.

What is the Church: Finally, from my own blog, the introduction to a series I'm beginning on the nature, purpose and mission of the Church in our culture.