Happy 2015 everybody. I'm back from holidays today and happy to share with you the Tuesday Top 5

THE MANY SINS OF NEWSWEEK’S EXPOSÉ ON THE BIBLE: You might have seen Newsweek's article on the Bible (and if you haven't you should read it as many of your friends might have seen it). This article shows why we don't agree.

CAPTURED BY GRACE: From the Billy Graham Evangelistic Associate. A half-hour video from Louis Zamperini about the parts of his life that weren't depicted in the movie Unbroken.

WHEN GOD ANSWERS DECADES OF PRAYER: Fitting article to read as we go into our final Fresh Encounter prayer evening.

14 POP CULTURE EVENTS FROM 2014 YOU ALREADY FORGOT: Humorous reminder of what happened this past year that seemed (to some of us) like a big deal, but we already forgot.

OUR CLOSEST FORGOTTEN MISSION FIELD: As a church we want to have each person involved more in everyday mission. For me personally, I want to do a better job of doing this for and with my family. This is a great post on the importance of family in the mission that God has called us to.