Halloween is this week and, in my mind, it is unique among North American cultural traditions. The history of the holiday is mixed to say the least and aspects definitely cary dark undertones of death and evil. But the trick-or-treat tradition also creates an amazing missional opportunity with many of our neighbours visiting our house. What is the best way to respond?

To help with some ideas, I've collected some of the best halloween articles I've come across.

What Christians Should Know About Halloween: Justin Holcomb looks into the history of both Halloween and the Christian response. 

When Halloween Demands a Gospel Response (video): This isn't just a Halloween video but Jeff Vanderstelt discusses a gospel worldview in approach to our neighbourhoods and applies it to Trick-or-Treating.

Should Christians take part in Halloween: Mike McKinley looks to 1 Corinthians 8 to try and answer the question.

Halloween is For Mission: 5 ways to consider your how to be missional on Oct. 31st.

Halloween:Trick, Treat or Mission: Jo Saxton reflects on the difference between the holiday in the U.K. and the U.S. and the difficulty of her family participating

12 Simple Ways to Be on Mission the Halloween: Jeff Vanderstelt (from the previous video) fleshes out at a few different strategies for the holiday. Our home group is using the idea of handing out hot chocolate to parents as a way of building relationships in our neighbourhood.

Why I Still Celebrate Halloween: My own reflections from several years ago.