Well this is not a true Tuesday High-5 (on account of it being Wednesday since the Family Day long weekend through me off). But we won't let details like days of the week stop us. Below are 5 great blogs to check out this week.

Every Christian is a Missionary: Following up on my blog last week about the need to be on everyday mission, here is a great clip of David Platt on the power of the belief that every Christian is a missionary.

God Speaks to Katy Perry: If you are on twitter and follow Katy Perry, you will know that the former gospel artist turned pop superstar (and self-proclaimed non-Christian), turned back to her roots in the lead-up to her SuperBowl show, quoting Scripture and claiming God spoke to her. Did He? Well, we don't know, but don't be so quick to right it off - this is the type of stunt that God loves to pull to bring those in rebellion (whether religious or non-religious) back to Him.

Christianity's Weirdness: A bit of a counterbalance to the previous post, this one looks at the need of the church to stand against our culture. A good look of how we know we have crossed the line from "in" the world to "of" it - particular in the sense of moralistic, therapeutic Deism.

Our Mission in Exile: Retreat speaker Trevin Wax interacts with Greg Foster's book Joy for the World about what the Church can offer the world when we are "in" but not "of" the world. When we talk about bringing renewal to our city and world, what exactly is it that we bring? Foster would say "joy" - not in the sense of some vague happiness, but a deep and abiding joy demonstrated in the lives of individuals and the community of faith.

When the sin of sloth sneaks up on you: This one hit a little close to home. How we can fall into the sin of sloth by being so busy and having such a long to-do list.