This page has links and suggestions for resources related to missional communities

In Depth:

Ordinary People: From Soma, a series of "ordinary people" sharing about specific aspects of how they do missional communities and the difference they have made

Missional Community Realities: Again from SOMA, a series of short videos that teach on specific areas of missional communities. This link takes you to the videos stored on dropbox as these are pay-for-use videos that Kajle has purchased a church licence for.

A Field Guide for Everyday Mission: A short book (set up as a 30 day devotional) that answers key questions and gives practical steps to engage in mission in community. Kajle has a copy if you want to borrow.

Video Stories

Community Snapshots from 3 missional communities at Austin Stone 

Short interviews with different churches and leaders about Missional Communities: Soma Communities and Renovation Church.

Discipleship in Mission short film chronicling how a missional community helps disciple.

Articles and Blogs

Practical Examples of Everyday Rhythms: From SOMA, a list of practical, do-able ways to live out life in everyday rhythms

25 Simple Ways to be Missional in Your Neighbourhood: From Verge, a simple list of first steps to take to be more intentional about mission where you live.

Crushing Idealism in the Community: From Lifeway, a counterbalance to our "community is easy" mindset. It actually is a lot of work - but we need it.

First Steps to Starting A Missional Community: From Verge, two questions to ask as you venture into starting a missional community.

Kids and Missional Communities: From Verge, part 1part 2 and part 3 of how to disciple kids in missional communities. Also of interest to families: Two Lies that Keep FamiliesFrom Being Missional