CURRENT Sermon Series:

The book of Acts describes the first, pioneer beginnings of the early church, and is Luke's continuation of the story following Jesus' death, resurrection and ascension into heaven.  What is so captivating as well as encouraging about the book of Acts is that it gives us a powerful picture of what happens when the Holy Spirit showed up and began working through a tiny, persecuted, and insignificant movement in the 1st Century called "the Way." It transformed both the people inside the church as well as the surrounding culture and, eventually, the whole world as God's people prayed and then boldly proclaimed the message of hope in Jesus.

As a church, we have said it is also our desire both to be a people of prayer as well as to see our city and world renewed through that same hope of the gospel demonstrated and declared. As we return to our "roots" as a church, it is my prayer that we will witness some of the very same radical renewal and transformation that we see in that first, pioneer church in the book of Acts. We hope you'll join us beginning Sunday May 7th at 10:00 AM.


Acts: pioneer church "preserving gospel freedom" Acts 15:1-29



Acts: Pioneer church Acts  16:13-34 "A witness to a jalier"