Neighbourhood mapping

God has purposefully placed us in the neighbourhoods where we live, work and spend our time. To live out our mission and intentionally engage with the people in these neighbourhoods, we need to continue to develop a theology of place. This means that understanding where God has placed us and who God has called us to, are as important as knowing what He's called us to.

Every two weeks, we will release a video and some reflection questions to guide you through the three stages of Neighbourhood Mapping:

      1. Pray       2. Discovery and Diagnose      3. Engage

Join our church family as we train together through this video series to reach our neighbourhoods; to renew our city and world by demonstration and declaring the transforming power of the gospel.


Week 1 - Prayer

In this video, we begin by outlining the neighbourhood mapping process, why we are doing this as a church, and the first step on this journey: prayer.





Week 2 - Discovery & Diagnose

In this video we begin part two of neighbourhood mapping which includes two stages: Discovery and Diagnose. Follow along as we learn our neighbours and our neighbourhoods in order to more effectively know and serve where God has placed us.




Week 3 - Engage