Well, it is Tuesday, the rain is here so is the work week and exams are looming. I think we all need a high-5

Getting Stuck in Suffering: As the West Coast rain comes in, I find it a metaphor for suffering. It makes up damp and dreary and saps our energy, but it also isolates us from others. Tim Keller shares attitudes that trap us when we are suffering. 

One Simple Way to Experience a Profound Connection With God: "Do I really want to be like Jesus? The obvious answer is yes. Unfortunately, in reading the gospels, I hate to admit it; I really don’t want to be like Jesus. Don’t get me wrong, I have the desire to be like Jesus…in some ways. But, there’s a whole mountain of things that He does, that I don’t really want to do. And then, there’s a whole list of other things that He does that we barely even talk about."

Warm up for the worship service: If you are not aware that we have a countdown on the screen prior to both the 9 and 11 services starting than you are likely guilty of lingering too long in bed or upstairs at connection time. I wonder if we used this as our countdown if we would manage to get everyone in on time (and all limbered up to boot). I dare someone to do this skit at Church retreat in January.

Overcoming evangelistic paralysis with an unbelievably good Gospel: Speaking of Church retreat, here is a great article from our speaker (psst, keep that on the DL, I'm not sure I'm supposed to be announcing it yet). Trevin shares how the greatness of the Gospel helps motivate our mission.

What is the Church part 2: Finally, continuing my series on the Church, a little background on how Jesus uses the word and what that means for us.