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It was the 4th Century theologian/philosopher Augustine who first coined the Latin phrase “Incurvatus in se” which means to be curved inward on oneself.  It was Augustine, and then later the famous Reformer Martin Luther, who used this phrase as a description of the natural inclination of every human heart from the moment sin first entered the world.

Beginning Oct. 6, 2019 we will begin a seven week series entitled “Procurvum” lit. to be curved outward, looking at the way God uses Marriage, Singleness, and sexuality in order to bend and reshape the natural, sinful inclination of our hearts from inward back to outward; from being self-focused to being focused on the other. 

We hope you’ll join us each Sunday this fall.


“Procurvum: singleness and undivided devotion” 1 Corinthians 7:7-9, 26-35



Procurvum: marriage and parenting - Genesis 22:1-18