Upcoming Sermon Series: ASK

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It's been said, "To pray is to accept that we are, and always will be, wholly dependent upon God for everything." This is why the commands to pray throughout the bible are always framed in language of submission and requesting: to "ask".  When Jesus' disciples asked Him to teach them to pray - even then - each petition of the prayer is about asking our Father in heaven to do something we could not accomplish alone.

Prayer is an essential discipline of the Christian life as well as a profound privilege, that connects us to the very heart of the Father; it's what pastor/author Tim Keller calls "turning our theology into experience." 

Maybe you know you should pray more, but wonder if it actually accomplishes anything. Maybe you just want to grow deeper in your experience of corporate and private prayer. Wherever you're at, it is our prayer - our "ask" - that God will use this series to grow our passion to be a people of prayer and root prayer more deeply into our daily lives, individually and as a church family.

We hope you'll join us beginning Sept. 17 as we begin our fall series  Ask: Accessing the Father's Heart Through Prayer.


"Ask: Confession - Forgive us our debts" Matt. 6:12,14-15



Ask: accessing the father's heart through prayer  - week nine "Aspiration - lead us" Matt.  6:13