When you read the Psalms, they are replete with statements that we would never catch ourselves saying to God. They admit to anger with God, a hatred of others and an utter despair. But few of us pray like that ... and that lack of authenticity may be killing our prayer life.

Here are a few articles I came across today regarding prayer.

Is Politeness Killing Your Prayer Life? - “Christians in North America are generally polite pray-ers. We tend to pray correct, respectful words that we think God wants to hear. But let’s be honest, many of our prayers are tentative, repetitive, and somewhat boring.”
Praying the Psalms - "1)The Psalms teach us to pray through imitation and response. 2) The Psalms take us deep into our own hearts 1,000 times faster than we would ever go if left to ourselves. 3) Most importantly, the Psalms force us to deal with God as he is, not as we wish he was.
The School of Prayer - "Is there any area of the Christian life in which we feel more inadequate than in prayer? Is there any area of the Christian life that exposes greater feelings of helplessness and shame? I know some true prayer warriors, people who dedicate themselves to hours and hours of prayer, yet even they confess to knowing so little about it and having so little confidence in what they do and what they pray."