The rise of the Board Game cafe: One thing to look forward to at the annual church retreat is gathering to play Euro-style board games. These games (with classics such as Ticket to Ride and Settlers of Catan) have been somewhat of a Christian sub-culture phenomenon but are now getting to be big in our culture. This article examines the rise of cafes dedicated to providing a space to play games and are, incidentally, great places to build relationship with non-Christian friends.

Reigning with Christ on Daily Mission: As we move into advent and celebrate the coming of the King, we should be reminded of our call to be on mission with Him. Jason Garwood looks follows the theme of King and Kingdom in the Bible and points out how we reign with Christ in our daily lives.

Choose hospitality over entertaining: The holiday season offers a lot of opportunity to host but the added events often mean that the house is never in a good enough order for guests. Jen Wilkin argues a spotless house is necessary for entertaining, but God-honouring hospitality can happen even if the floor isn't swept or the laundry is half put away.

Give me the doubly offensive Jesus: Jesus didn't follow party lines. Here our retreat speaker Trevin Wax shows how Jesus offends both secular liberals and religious conservatives.

The Jesus of the Gospels is offensive because of how inclusive He is.
The Jesus of the Gospels is offensive because of how exclusive He is.

The church is offended by His inclusivity, and the world is offended by His exclusivity.

Transfarmers, how to get your hands on the hot toy this holiday season: Notice to other Prairie transplants like me. If you can't get home for the holidays, at least you can return to Dog River, SK. The Corner Gas movie is in select theatres this week and will be on CTV Dec. 17th. Click the link for a clip of the original show.

Note: I'm taking a week off from my series on the church. We will have a new post in that series next High-5.