Mad Hack Skillz 4 Jesus: A great article on the rise of "Hack-a-thons" for Christian organizations that give a context for those with high-level computer skills to help develop content and programs for various church and para-church organizations. At Dunbar we are starting to explore how to give an opportunity for the many highly skilled individuals in the church to serve the body in ways that aren't traditionally part of "church service". We are hopeful that our upcoming push on gifting inventories and service will help to that end. 

Identifying Obstacles to Prayer: During the first week of January we will be hosting 3 prayer evenings at the church. In that theme, here is a video outlining obstacles to prayer in our daily lives and how to overcome them.

The Nativity: An abridged version of the full length Nativity movie. Perhaps something to watch on Christmas morning.

That's Christmas (short film): Good little video (10 min) that looks at the Christmas story. It is a good video for explaining the meaning and importance of the birth of Christ to people without a Christian background. Also, it features lots of English accents which somehow make it more fun to listen to.

What is the local church?: Here is the latest entry in my ongoing service on what is the church. This week we look at the source of the local church.

There will be no High-5 next week as I am on holidays in the wintery North. Merry Christmas to you all.