Whatever happen to Saint Nicholas: Some of you may know that old St. Nick was actually a bishop from Turkey (the country, not the festive dinner). He famously slapped the heretic Arius for insisting that the Son is less God than the Father - oh and he also gave money to families to rescue their children from impeding indentured servitude. The link takes you to a fun post on how that guy became a fat man in a red suit.

The Santa Question: Staying on the Santa topic (what can I say, he is kinda a big deal) here are some good thoughts on how to navigate the Santa question with your children.

Psychology of a messy room: Those of you who have seen my desk in the middle of the week (and occasionally it is not cleaned up for Sunday either) need to read this to understand my hidden genius.

Why mess causes stress: In the interest of fairness, here is another (clearly wrong) perspective on mess complete with 8 reasons and 8 solutions.

What is the Church pt 3: What is a Christian: The third part of my series on what the church is. This one focuses on those who make up the church: Christians. Those of you in Grow pods (which is all of you, right?) may notice a few things.