Coffee is on, kids are awake. I guess it is time to start Tuesday now. I'm still trying to recover sleep after a few late nights at the retreat. But you know what helps with sleep deprivation? Awesome articles to read! (Well, not really, but you can still read them). Here are five top-notch posts from the interwebz.

Gigaplexes of Andromeda: Absolutely insane shots of the Andromeda galaxy from Nasa put on video.

5 Simple Ways to Teach Theology to Your Kids: Teaching. Kids. Theology. Easy. Those words don't make sense together do they? Um, they can!

Work Bolstered by Faith: Should your faith change how you do my work? Yes and no.

"Haven't You Read?" Answering modern-day Pharisees: A refreshing look at a contemporary issue that we often see framed in a totally different way.

How does DHBC live out its identity: The latest in my series on the Church's nature, mission and activity. This one looks at how what we do lines up.