Well it's Tuesday, let's High-5! A collection of articles that I found informative or amusing this week.

Will Religion Every Disappear: Thoughtful article from the BBC on a question that I think I know the answer to. Interesting perspective anyway.

Big Gods: Here is the summary of a book referenced in the above BBC article. I linked to it because it is written by a UBC professor. 

Awesome God: Last week in our LEAD we look at the attributes of God - particularly how we downplay God's awesomeness (in the classic sense, not the hashtag sense) to our own detriment. Trevi Wax looks at that more, and what it means to dwell on God's majesty.

What ISIS really wants: This is a long article from the Atlantic, but covers an ongoing world issue that we should know about. It is worth considering the relevance religion to the actions of the Islamic State. Go beyond the article to think about how that projects religion in our secular society.

The Phantom Time Hypothesis: I like history and I like conspiracy theories and this is a doozie. What if I told you it wasn't 2015, it was 1717! It might be true (ok, it isn't but it is interesting).